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How to ask your hubby for help

Hey honey,

I have something exciting to tell you.

I’m taking this course that’s going to teach me how to eat and feel better.

She says I’m going to learn how to make better choices so that I can finally (insert your goal here).

This is the plan (show the course outline).

Can I count on you to help encourage and support me? It would mean so much to me!

Ok thanks babe.

[ honey still brings home something you don’t want to eat]

Babe, thank you for being so sweet by bringing home ________ but remember how we talked about helping me stay on track?  I still need your help with that!

You’re the best! (kiss)



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I thought I knew what it meant to “be healthy” and then life happened. I got married, had kids, and spent months running and working out only to make ZERO PROGRESS. So I dug a little deeper, and I found the system with the flexibility AND the results I needed to look and feel better in my own skin. Now I love the ability to help others get those same results.

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