Typical Toddler Snacks

Tracking macros allows me to really understand why my kids will eat what I put in front of them. If you follow me on my personal account on Insta Stories (@fatiguefightingmama) you know that my kids eat everything. My husband and I are constantly approached by strangers who either ask all sorts of questions or will just stare in awe and amazement.

To us it’s normal that they eat this way. So we don’t really know what to say when they start asking questions. I know my kids eat differently that most and maybe it’s because we just have some simple rules. So I’m just going to share them with you in case you’re curious.


  1. We sit down to eat at every meal. Breakfast. Lunch. Snack. and Dinner. If my 3 year old refuses and says she’s not hungry we tell her that the rule is to sit with us and try one bite. Otherwise she gets time out in the corner.
  2. We don’t eat snacks in between meals. As you can see, snacks can add up to equal an adult meal. When my kids snack they either refuse meals altogether or become incredibly picky. The only snack they get is after their nap. This snack holds them over for a late dinner that the entire family sits down to eat.
  3. We’re ok with them being hungry if they refuse to eat. We want to teach that there are natural consequences to the choices they make. We use the words ” This is your decision. You decide whether you want to be big, strong, and energetic or weak, tired, hungry, and mad.”
  4. If they don’t want to eat after one bite we remind them that the meal will be over in 20-30 minutes and that they won’t get anything to eat until the next meal.
  5. When my toddler refuses to eat I do not give in to snacks in between mealtimes. I gently but firmly remind her that she had the option to eat at the given meal time and that she’ll have to wait till the next time we sit to eat.

So that’s it. Obviously, we break the rules sometimes on special occasions or if were in a pinch. For the most part this is just what we do that helps us feed our kids well balanced meals.

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DeeDee Ballesteros

DeeDee Ballesteros

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