Thoughts are like music

She said “It’s crazy to think that a simple change of my thoughts can bring out a different side of me.”

She had recently shared that when she thought about eating healthier and exercising she instantly felt overwhelmed, anxious, unsure, and embarrassed. The thoughts behind all these feelings were, “It’s scary to feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to do this because I might find things that make me feel ashamed of myself.” These thoughts have literally been making her fearful of doing anything. Her result? No change in weight.

Creating a new thought that helps you want to start doing  intimidating things is very similar to turning on the right kind of music. Music has the ability to change the way we feel right ? Think about the last time you felt that tension disappear when you turned on some John Mayer. Or that time you turned up those loud electronic beats to the workout that made you feel so proud of yourself.

All you had to do was choose the right tunes to make that happen. Why is that any different than choosing the right thought? It’s not. It works just like that.

Thoughts are like music to our mind. Pick your new thought, the same way you would pick your music. This is how you change your mindset one step at a time.

So I told her, “Stop thinking that. Change the thought to ‘I’m capable of doing this.’ Tell me how does that make you feel? Does it make you want to quit? Or does it make you want to do it?”


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DeeDee Ballesteros

DeeDee Ballesteros

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