Supplements for more energy & faster recovery

Fish Oil

if you don’t eat wild caught tuna and salmon at least 2x a week you’ll want this. It’s incredible for overall health but especially great for clearing up brain fog and joint health. (SPROUTS OR AMAZON)

Vitamin D

If you don’t get at least 10-15 minutes of mostly full body exposure to morning sun you’ll want to take this first thing in the morning to help with energy levels. Most people are deficient and suffering from fatigue, depressing or weird abdominal cramping from a Vitamin D deficiency. So get your sun in or take these instead. (SPROUTS OR AMAZON)

Electrolyte Drinks

This is one of those supplements I didn’t know I needed until I realized it wasn’t normal to experience cold like symptoms and extreme fatigue after exercising. Ideally, raw young coconut juice is the best but if you want something quicker you can try electrolyte powders. These minerals help with not only electrolyte replenishing after an intense workout but they also help get in much needed minerals for quality sleep. (SPROUTS)

Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Natural ways of dealing with DOMS or muscle soreness from working out are the best. I find the Arnica works best in really painful problem areas like hamstrings or back. However, remember that proper mobility work before a workout and proper form are the best preventative treatment for pain. Don’t push yourself if it feels like something is wrong, pinching, or pulling. Double check with YouTube by typing in “Name of exercise and area of pain” for example “Bench Press and Shoulder Pain”. You can check your form and make sure you’re doing it right with the right knowledge. (VITAMIN SHOPPE OR SPROUTS)

When I was a waitress I used this mint bliss from Mary Kay on my sore legs and feet. It usually helped bring down the throbbing sensation I experienced from being on my feet all day.(MARY KAY CONSULTANT)

Everyone should have this in their baths at least once a week (including kids). There are SO many benefits to soaking your body in epsom salt. My favorite are that it relaxes my body, makes my skin really soft, and helps me sleep better.(TARGET)

Foam Roller

There are so many ways to use this to recover from a intense workout. (TJMAXX)

Night time tea

I drink this an hour before bedtime to get me in the mood to fall asleep.(TRADER JOE’S)

One time I got a terrible cold and could not sleep, but I don’t take drugs for symptoms because they mess me up really bad. So I took one of these and woke up completely healed the next day because literally it knocked me out for 12 hours of solid sleep. So every now and then when I’m feeling extra restless I’ll take a few nibbles and bam! I’m out within 30 minutes. I always feel super rested when I wake up. I don’t take it daily so that my body doesn’t grow dependent on it. (CVS)

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