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I get DM’s all the time asking me where I get the things I use, so I figured I would save time creating this ongoing “master list” of my favorites and share why I pick them.


Ok, so I choose tortillas based on texture, taste, and minimal ingredients. Most people wouldn’t think these were “healthy” but to me it doesn’t matter. I eat what I love and these tortillas help me eat other “healthier” foods. We go through these pretty quick in our home. The kids love them with the pesto as mini quesadillas. I use these for all sorts of tacos. The only downside is that do take a bit longer to cook because you can’t microwave them. They are RAW so they need to be heated on a non-stick pan. [Costco]


I choose my tortillas based on the LEAST amount of ingredients. These are literally stone ground corn, water and traces of lime. That’s it. There’s a few downsides: 1) they NEED to be heated on a lightly sprayed non-stick skilled to soften and 2) since they have no gluten they tend to fall apart for anything other than tacos. * Don’t microwave to heat them either. They will stick together*


Call me old school, but these oats are the best! I’m not a mushy-slimy oat kind of girl if you know what I mean, which is why I could not stand oatmeal before. When I discovered these, I became a believer. Not only do these oats have an amazing texture as overnight or cooked oats, but they don’t cause any bloat. Maybe it’s because they’re gluten free? Maybe it’s because they’re minimally processed? Maybe it’s because there’s no weird sugar or preservatives? I’ll never really know for sure. What I do know is that my body gets  a crap ton of energy when I eat these oats for breakfast.

*I cook mine on stovetop and add oats to boiling water to prevent mushy slimy texture.





These fries are SO yummy and SO macrofriendly. I love to bake them and then dip them in  a mix of Sriracha, Greek Feta dressing, and Ketchup for the ultimate secret sauce!

These fries are also good baked! They’re a bit more high fat and “mushy” than regular potato fries BUT they  have different micronutrients which makes them a must.




Ok, so THIS is the ONLY Puffin’s cereal I will eat. All their other versions taste like absolutely garbage to me. We don’t really eat cereal around here, but when we do this is our go to. It’s loaded with fiber and all sorts of yummy goodness. The best part of all is that it doesn’t get soggy in 30 seconds.



Ok I buy these beans because 1) convenience  2) fiber and 3) they don’t blow me up with gas. I know it’s TMI, but I’m very sensitive to beans which is why I eat mostly garbanzo’s and lentils. The only place out I’ll eat real beans from is Rubio’s and Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Culver City. If you need to add to your list of places to eat before you die you should DEFINITELY add Versaille’s. These are all from Trader Joe’s. All I have to do it rinse them and add my favorite oil & salt.

I love making egg whites mixed with one egg and then sprinkling it with a lite cheese blend and tapatio for the ultimate breakfast scramble. [Costco]


This frozen Naan bread is the ideal “dough” for flavorful oven baked pizzas that are out of this world.

When I want to indulge in a sandwich that doesn’t taste “healthy” this is my go-to. It’s so yummy and the best part about it is that it’s not chewy. Yuck. I can’t stand chewy bread.

The Ezekiel brand is by far the best option when it comes to both macro and micro nutrient health. The only downside is that it needs to be toasted to become edible.

This California Style bread is similar to the Ezekiel version but not quite as dense, making it a great option for sandwiches or french toast.

This Sprouted Flourless Whole Wheat Berry Bread is like the one above, however it is even softer than either the Ezekiel and the California bread.

I love how soft, buttery, and rich this bread is. I buy this one for the kids because it’s full of delicious carbs and fats which makes it ideal for lunches on the go. It’s not full of fiber which helps my kids eat more calories in one sitting.



If you watch my IG stories @macrosmindset you’ll see that I eat these all the time! My kids love them too. Somehow they are soft, light, AND crunchy! I prefer these over rice crackers because for the same amount of carbs, I actually get fiber and more iron! They don’t taste SUPER healthy either like the HEARTY version (which I also love!) making these the perfect cracker for avocado toast, smoked salmon & cream cheese, or a sweet treat! I find these at my local Stater Bros (which is like everyone’s Kroger or HEB)


organic crisp crackers



I mean, raspberry > strawberry. So there’s that.

When I first started macro counting I told myself I would NEVER give in to all the fake crap. Little did I know that I still had issues clinging on to this self-righteous attitude about food. With the #foodfreedom movement on IG I realized that I hadn’t even given this “cancer syrup” a shot while claiming truths I hadn’t even researched. As shameful as it is to admit that, I’m only telling you all that because it’s surprisingly good. This, to me, is the epitome of food freedom because it allows me to eat a huge stack of waffles without over-doing the sugar in one sitting. I don’t even taste the “fakeness” when mixed with (get this…) REAL BUTTER (GASP!) and cinnamon. (drool)

I buy this one for the kids because they NEED all the carbs. I don’t know about your kids but mine are like wild chimpanzees ready to be released into to the wild every morning. Contrary to popular belief, kids NEED SUGAR. Sugar is a type of carb and as long as you pair it with a protein and fat (for example and egg) they wont get worse. If anything the REAL minerals in maple syrup help them chill out. during the day and help them sleep better at night. I mean, the more you know right? I also mix this option with the “cancer syrup” above if I’m feeling like whatever I’m eating still needs more depth. [Costco]



So, if you’re counting macros this is an absolute must have because you don’t want to “waste” precious fat macros on oil when you could be using them on avocado or peanut butter.

Im really picky about the way evoo tastes and smells. If for any reason is smells rancid I wont use it. This is the only bottle at Trader Joe’s that barely passes. I usually buy my evoo from a small local boutique close to home that offers fresh batches of quality olive oil that surpass all my expectations for a good quality oil I can use for food at home.

When I don’t use evoo to cook I use avocado oil or coconut oil. I like this one for baking because its very neutral whereas the evoo tends to have a lingering spicy after taste. It’s also great for frying foods for my kids because it has a really high smoke point.(COSTCO)


I don’t even know where to start with this one. Like, if  Trader Joe’s stopped selling it I would be forced to collect 1,000 signatures to bring it back because I love it so. It’s the best poured over warm white rice, a bit of Trader Joe’s island soyaki, and sprinkled with trader joe’s organic Terriyaki Seaweed. I also pour a bit of this oil over my favorite asian chicken recipe after it’s been cooked. It really makes all the garlic and ginger pop.


Ok, so I’ve tried the pesto’s at Trader Joe’s and none of them compare to this one. This one is a bit more oily (instead of herby) which makes it perfect to toss pasta in. The thicker stuff tends to settle at the bottom so if I do want it thicker I can just reach below. A little goes a long way so even like 5-10 grams would be just enough to make a simple fat loss friendly meal taste amazing. I like to mix it with eggs and salsa for EPIC breakfast burritos. [Costco]

Ok, so this looks like it’s “healthy” because  it has the word PROTEIN on the front so it must be good for fat loss right? Not so much. Granola is very calorie dense but when used sparingly over, let’s say, greek yogurt and fresh berries it’s a game changer.

I love this one because it’s made out of real peanuts and it tastes super yummy.


This is my favorite almond butter. It’s delicious yet affordable.

These almonds are our absolute favorite. We ALL love them, including our  2 year old. I usually cut his in half and watch him like a hawk when he’s eating these, ( because hello choking hazard) but they’re so worth it! I give these to the kids with fruit when they wake up from nap or right before bedtime if I don’t think they’ve eaten enough that day. Why? because they’re so calorie dense, meaning that just a few of these almonds provide at least 100 calories in one sitting!  When I want to indulge I crush them over Trader Joe’s Coffee Ice Cream. It’s the BEST combination ever.

I use this mayo on anything that calls for mayo. In normal mayo I can taste the old rancid oils they use.  I prefer this vegan option mainly because I enjoy the taste and texture much more than regular mayo and also because I like to use my fats on things that I actually enjoy and not “waste” them on mayo.

I buy a packet of these every week. I know for a fact that if I need to whip up something to eat really quick, breakfast for dinner is the way to go around here.(Trader Joes)






I use Tapatio on the regular. If you like spicy hot food, this is a must have pantry item you need to take your meals to the next level. It makes food taste addicting and you don’t even need to count the macros or calories for it! [Costco]

This salsa is the real MVP. Not even kidding. It tastes lie my mom’s homemade molcajete salsa she makes at home. You can buy two tubs at Costco for the price of this small one at your local grocery store. Just find a neighbor that likes hot salsa like you do and make their day. [Costco]




Some people use salt and pepper give their meats flavor; I use this stuff. There was a time in my life I went raw vegan for a few months. A lot of those savory recipes called for this and honestly I fell in love with the flavor. It’s the only way I marinate my meats. There’s nothing fancy about it. It tastes just like soy sauce but with a deeper richer flavor. I use it to make steamed  or roasted veggies taste even more delicious by mixing it with a bit of olive or toasted sesame  oil, rice vinegar, and this seasoning below. I typically find this at my local sprouts but you can easily find it on Amazon too.


This is my go-to seasoning spice. I use this on almost everything and anything. I sprinkle it on eggs and chicken, and ground beef mixed with liquid aminos, olive oil, shallots, and garlic. It seriously makes everything taste delicious. I find this as Costco and it’s basically the SAME thing as the 21 seasoning from Trader Joe’s. [Costco]


This Bruschetta Sauce is SOOOO good. I like to add a little feta, blend it, warm it in the microwave, and then mix it again. It’s one of my “secret” sauces to repurpose leftover chicken. This chicken and “sauce” pairs well with some baked potatoes fries and some fresh steamed veggies for an easy, delicious, and quick lunch! To add more fat to my kids, I mix their sauce with full fat Veganaise mayo and give them the Greek Feta Dressing to dip their fries in.

This pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s is a dinner time lifesaver. I love how fresh it tastes and the macros are so good! I use the same sauce for the kids but before I add it to their pasta I heat it up in a little bit of garlic/shallot infused olive oil. Sometimes I grate veggies and sautee them in the oil before adding the pizza sauce. That way they eat veggies without even knowing it.

 This dressing + the Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze is one of my favorite combinations if I’m craving a sweet fresh salad. I chop up apples, cucumbers, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, feta and walnuts for a delicious and easy blend of MICRO nutrients and fiber without all the fat (that I’d rather eat on a delicious marbled steak!)

One of my favorite chicken recipes uses this marinade. I mean, why make it from scratch when something you buy can taste just as good?!

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this overrated seasoning everyone on IG is using. No seriously, I’m not kidding. I almost didn’t buy it because of the hype and then I just gave in one day. I haven’t looked back since. Perfect on eggs and anything protein.





If you’re looking for a ground beef substitute without all the fat and the disgusting texture of powder (like most REALLY lean meats!) THIS is it. I love the texture of bison. It tastes just like ground beef. There’s no gamey aftertaste either. Plus, it’s naturally lean because bison isn’t constricted in their crap the way our beef industry raises its cows. This means your chances of getting food poisoning are SIGNIFICANTLY lower and you don’t have to worry about eating antibiotics, AND the quality of your meat is higher. This meat doesn’t require any oil because of it pretty much cooks in it’s own fat. My favorite way to cook it is with diced shallots, Bragg Liquid Aminos, and Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning. Keep scrolling to see what those are and where to buy them.


Ok, so the reason I pay for overpriced egg whites is because I’m sensitive to them. Like literally the ones from Costco make me itch and  bloat like crazy. Let’s not even talk about the “eggs” you get at fast food places. Those mess my gut up so badIy don’t even want to tell you what happens. These are the only ones that work for me. If you think you’re allergic to eggs or egg whites you might consider trying organic or cage free.

At 7 dollars for 24 organic eggs, these are the ones we like even though we PREFER the Vital Farms Pasture Raised Eggs from Target. Again, we choose organize because I’m sensitive to normal ones. I notice that between conventional eggs, the yolk is a bit more orange in these eggs versus conventional.[Costco]  You can read more about that here. 


ground turkey



For those of you looking for a quick lunch wrap or burger. These salmon patties are your friend! They’re super yummy for a quick lunch or dinner.[Costco]

This is my favorite tuna. I buy these in bulk at Costco. The kids get theirs with full fat mayo while hubby and I use the reduced fat mayo. I mix it with all sorts of veggies: frozen peans, frozen corn, grape tomatoes, onions, oregano spice, fresh lemon, diced celery, chopped spinach, chopped cilantro, olives, and Tapatio hot sauce to make a tuna sandwich or on a baked tostada. This is our go-to meal whenever hubby and I go out adventuring with the kids. The kids eat potato chips, string cheese, and a fresh orange. We eat the Baked Cheese Crunchies form Trader Joe’s and some oranges. [Costco]

 Click here to buy this!

I use this whey protein powder because it’s safe for my whole family. There are no artificial sweeteners or nasties. It tastes really yummy in overnight oats and fruit smoothies. Plus, we’re all lactose intolerant (to some degree) and this powder is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t hurt our tummies. The strawberry banana is my favorite flavor and the runner up is Chocolate PB.


Ok, basically don’t ever pan fry these unless you know how to cook chicken. Which I don’t, so what I do is bake them in the oven with a bit of BBQ sauce over it and then sprinkle cheese on top. Great for burgers or on top of veggies and rice. Perfect for a quick lunch.


I’m not one for frozen meats, but THIS stuff won my heart this month. It’s such an easy and tasty heat-to-serve option that can be combined with any vegetable and rice.

This is our favorite kind of ham. I will either buy this or the Trader Joe’s version. Most deli meats have great fat loss macros but I personally always heat it to avoid tummy bugs.

This is the BEST greek yogurt out there. The quality is superb. However, it’s NOT edible by itself unless your tastebuds are different than mine. I like to mix a bit of almond milk until creamy, then add whip cream, stevia powder, and Walden Farms Caramel Syrup BEFORE adding my toppings: frozen berries, granola, and nut butters.


This cheese gives you all the cheesy goodness without all the rubbery texture and excess calories. Plus it’s really good and makes life fun so go buy it.

I find that I’m pretty much allergic to all protein bars – except for this one. I have a gut feeling that my body cannot hang with all the excess minerals found in other protein bars  which is why i keep my bar choices tasty and simple.



We buy 2 of these every week. Every morning we start with water, fresh lemon, and a splash of this apple juice. Sometimes if we’re fighting an illness I’ll add Elderberry Syrup to it as well. This is our go-to to keep us “regular” and hydrated. We love the taste and the price. (Trader Joe’s)

Pssst! these are way yummier than the HONEST juice boxes from Costco. My kids and I both love them. They love the taste, I like that I don’t have to water down any juice for them.

When I’m traveling, the green one is my jam. When I’m about to go on my period the red (beet juice) is my go-to. I haven’t yet tried the yellow or the watermelon one but these juices are some of my favorites at Trader Joe’s to get more MICRO nutrients into my diet.

I bought this out of curiosity and it’s now one of our favorite weekly drinks. It is SO thirst quenching after a workout or if we’ve  in the sun too long. I’m not one for pulpy OJ but the aloe vera chunks in this juice make my day. My husband is obsessed and the kids love it!

This drink has been my go-to for a quick pick-me up in the afternoon. I religiously drink about 160-180 mg of caffeine in the morning in 2 Starbucks espresso shots. That drink lasts me ALL day. So I only drink about half a can if I need to stay up really late or if I have a planned afternoon workout. It’s just matcha green tea and ZERO sugar. This is not sweet AT ALL. If you want it to be sweet  you can add stevia, lemon, apple juice and some ice cubes for a quick refresher at home. I approximate the can to have about 40-60 mg of caffeine.


These little guys taste like an onion and a garlic had a baby. I use them ALL the time because they make everything taste like magic. I just dice them and then add to a bit of oil before cooking  any raw meats. Once the meat is browning, I sprinkle seasoning and liquid aminos to get the PERFECT base for all my meats before adding any pre-made sauces. This gives my meats their depth and rich flavor that a pre made sauce could never live up to. I KNOW it’s an extra step in life but TRUST ME, it’s WORTH IT.






Sometimes I go to Costco JUST for these bananas. I LOVE the way these ripen and taste. You would think a banana is just a banana, but I’ve peeled bananas that look ripe on the outside and taste disgusting on the inside. One time I overheard a lady at trader Joe’s get upset that they no longer carried bananas from Ecuador. I’m definitely not this lady because I will eat whatever is available but prefer these bananas.  We eat around 10-12 bananas a week, mostly in smoothies and  it’s my go-to snack for the kids paired with a handful of our  favorite rosemary almonds. [Costco]






Perfect for baking or waffle making, these vanilla extracts are so yum!

This cocoa powder is perfect for turning any pancake, waffles, crepe, or smoothie into chocolaty goodness. This isn’t the kind of cocoa you use to make quick chocolate milk. It’s not sweet at all.




My favorite almond milk option is the BLUE one. I love the texture and taste and doesn’t compare to any other Almond Milk.






These cookies are addicting. You can eat 12 for one serving! They’re small and crunchy yet pack the right amount of cookie to chocolate ratio.

If you’re looking for a crunchy snack these apple chips are your friend!

Paired with Tapatio sauce these crunchy curls are reminiscent of the  Mexican fried snacks I used to buy from the Elote man. (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re not Mexican)