What I ate today

Water with fresh lemon

Coffee + sugar + 1/4th cup of 2% milk

Breakfast: StrawberryProtein Overnight Oats

Click here to see Esben saying ” A comer, a comer, Strawberry”

Snack#1: watermelon, puffins, reduced fat cheese puffs, marcona almonds

Lunch: 3 oz wild planet tuna + 17 g of regular veganaise + free veggies + 22g avocado + 2 hearty was a crackers + 1 mint mouthful

A close up

Snack: 33 g of cinnamon bread, 3 grams butter, 5 grams almond butter, 5 grams raspberry preserves, 55 g banana

Dinner: soyrizo protein egg burrito + wilted spinach + lite 3 cheese blend + salsa + a bit go guac & chips

Snack #2: Fuji apple + dark chocolate peanut butter cup (7 pm)

Before bedtime snack

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DeeDee Ballesteros

DeeDee Ballesteros

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